14th edition, 26th of july 2020

Registration 6500m | Registration 1500m (Triatlon Cluj)


On the 26th of July 2020 Orca Swim and Triathlon Club together with Betfair Romania Development organize the 14th edition of Traversarea Tarniţei (Crossing Lake Tarniţa). The competition is part of the two day sports event called Betfair Sports Challenge, together with Triatlon Cluj

Saturday, the 25nd of July 2020 the 1500m swim starts (together with the Triathlon, at the end of the lake)

Sunday, the 26th of July 2020 the 6500m swim starts (from the wharf). 

ORCA Club swimming association and Betfair Romania Development invite those interested to participate – as racers or spectators – at this year’s 13th edition of Crossing Lake Tarnița (longitudinally or in a loop), that will take place at about 30km from Cluj-Napoca, on the 26th of July 2020, 10:00 a.m.

ORCA Club is the first amateur swimming association from Cluj. The club has 37 members, all of them active amateur swimmers. The first edition of Crossing Lake Tarnița took place on the 28th of July 2007, with 14 competitors, all of whom successfully completed the 6,5km swim. The first edition was an important step towards mobilizing an active, initiative group of organizers and founding an amateur swimming club in Cluj – which finally took place in early 2008.

Crossing Lake Tarnița consists of swimming a race course set up along a longitudinal line across the lake. The short distance race is recommended for those who are not trained/willing to swim long distances. The short distance swim will take place simultaneously with the swimming stage of Cluj Triathlon.

We recommend Crossing Lake Tarnița for all lovers of swimming, regardless their ages. At the same time, the event wishes to promote a healthy lifestyle and the healthy physical development that comes as a result of a sporty lifestyle. Crossing the lake requires considerable effort on behalf of the racers, which must be taken into account. For this reason Orca Club advises less trained swimmers to consider choosing the short distance race.

For more details on organizing and registration check out the Rules section.


Variant A:


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Variant B:

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Event Schedule:

07:50 – 08:15 volunteers will receive their tshirts.

08:30 check-in for the 6500m swim opens, competitors receive their race numbers

09:40 technical briefing, the 6500m race course is presented

10:00 6500m swim starts

12:30 lunch

13:00 Kids Aquathlon Tarnița race starts

13:45 awards ceremony

  1. Tombola (offered by Solidarite en Pays de Save)
  2. Special Prizes:
    • Volunteers Ceremony
    • Youngest / Oldest
  3. Open Awards Ceremony (400/300/200lei and medals)
  4. Category Awards Ceremony (Diplomas and medals)

14:15 group photo

14:30 awards ceremony for Kids Aquathlon Tarnița


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