1. Aim of the competition

Our goal is to promote triathlon and endurance sports in general.

2. Date and venue of the competition

The event will take place at Lake Tarnița, located at about 30km from Cluj-Napoca (Cluj county), on the 25th of July 2020 (Saturday).

3. Race types, distances and age groups

Race types:


  • 1,5km swimming, start from the pontoon
  • 30km offroad cycling, 690m elevation difference
  • 9km running, 80m elevation difference
  • age groups: under 20, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50+
  • all age groups are divided into male and female categories


  • the same distances as for the solo XTERRA racers
  • each member of the team has to accomplish one of the three stages of the race; the overall time of the relay team is calculated as the sum of the individual times of its three members. 2 member teams are also welcome, in their case one of the members has to accomplish 2 stages
  • categories: men, women and mixed (at least one female member)

1500m swim:

  • Solo swim. Race starts together with the swimming stage of the triathlon.

4. Race courses


At the end of the lake (in the transition area) competitors will get on a mobile pontoon, to be transported 1500m into the lake. The race will start from here, from the water. The race course is the 1500m distance leading from the starting point to the transition area. Regardless of the temperature of the water, we recommend that the racers wear neoprene wetsuits.


30km, 690m elevation difference

The race track starts on a forest / dirt road along the lake shore, and then the banks of Râșca creek until 14 kilometre stone. From here a steadily rising section of medium difficulty starts until Lăpuștești village (nutrition point). This is the highest point of the course; from here on the road descends until the end of the lake: first through a 6km serpetine, until road no. 107P, then 4km on asphalted road, and finally approx. 700m on cobblestone road to the transition area.


The course for the running stage overlaps with the first 4,5km section of the cycling course. Here we will set up a check-point and a nutrition point, as well. Racers have to complete these 4.5km twice (to the check-point and back), which is a total of 9km running, with 80m elevation difference, on an approx. 95% shady forest road.

5. Water temperature and weather conditions

Water temperature in the summer is usually around 20-24 degrees Celsius, so there is normally no need for neoprene wetsuits.

If water temperature falls below 18 degrees, the swimming race might be substituted by a short running stage! Neoprene wetsuits:

  • are allowed in the elite category only for water temperatures below 20 degrees
  • are allowed for all other categories for water temperatures below 25 degrees; if the water temperature rises above 25 degrees, neoprene wetsuits may cause overheating, as a result competitors will not be allowed to wear them.

In case of heavy rain the MTB course section might become partly impassable. In that case the cycling route might suffer changes that will be announced in time.

6. Conditions for participation

By signing a declaration on their own responsibility and completing the registration form, the participants commit to obeying the rules and regulations presented in this section. Special cases must be dealt with directly with the Event Director.

7. Registration

Participants will subscribe to the competition on their own responsibility, organizers do not assume any responsibility regarding the participants’ health conditions. For this purpose all participants have to sign a declaration stating that they are taking part in the competition on their own responsibility.

For minors the declaration has to be signed by one of the parents or guardians.

Registration can be made online, through the competition website: http://club-orca.ro, by the 27th of July 2016, 12:00 (UTC+2).

8. Registration fee

check regulations in romanian language


Registration fee is not to be refunded, except if cancellation of the competition is due to the organizers’ fault.

9. Equipment required

Participants are required to wear the following equipment:

  • Functional bicycle (road bike recommended), equipped with functional breaking system; to be verified by organizers at the check-in.
  • Thoroughly fixed cycling helmet of adecvate size; to be verified by organizers at the check-in, and continuously monitored by volunteers all along the cycling trail.

Competitors must put on and fasten their helmets before the cycling stage, before getting on the bike; loosening and taking off the helmets allowed only after leaving the bicycles in the transition area! Failure to comply with this rule will be penalized with +5 minutes!

For relay teams, the above rules only apply to the team-member competing in the cycling stage.

10. Race day schedule

check regulations in romanian language

11. Prizes

Prizes will be awarded to Overall Male and Female top 3 finishers Prizes will be announced later.

At 1500m, no separate prize money will be awarded, 1-3. There are no finisher medals, no finisher shirts, only prize medals, the fees remain the same as in the previous years.

12. Notes

a) Prizes were adjusted to the significant number of relay teams, in order to offer a balanced rewarding system

b) Age groups will be validated with a minimum of 5 participants. If less than 5 swimmers register for a certain age group, the category will be merged with the immediate next age group

c) Overall male and female winners (top 3 finishers) will not be awarded further prizes for winning their category. In their categories the category winners’ prizes will go to the swimmers of that category who finish the race immediately after the overall winner.

d) Overall relay team winners (top 3 finishers) will not be awarded further prizes for winning their category. (Example: X female relay team wins the overall 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize. In this case the team will not be awarded the female relay team category winner’s prize as well.)