1. Aim of the competition

Our goal is to promote (open water) long distance swimming.

2. Venue

The event will take place in Lake Tarnița, located at about 30km from Cluj-Napoca (Cluj county), on the 26th of July 2020.

3. Types of races

Since 2016 the well-known 1500m swim will take place on the day of, and simultaneously, with Cluj Triathlon. The only race on the first day of the event will be the longitudinal crossing of Lake Tarnița, a 6500m swim.

4. Water temperature

Lake Tarnița is a barrier lake in the mountains, with a quite cold temperature, usually around 18-22 degrees Celsius. If water temperature falls below 18 degrees, the competition will be postponed by a week!

5. Race courses

Depending on the water temperature at the end of the lake, organizers will choose one of the route variants below:

  • If water temperature at the end of the lake is above 18 degrees Celsius, Racers will cross the lake in a straight line, along route A.
  • If water temperature at the end of the lake is below 18 degrees Celsius, Racers will swim a circle in the lake, along route B.

Route variants are presented on the first page of the website as well.

6. Swimming style

Racers must swim compulsorily in front crawl style.

7. Participants

Participants will be divided into seven categories per race type, based on their sex and age on the 31st of December 2020:

  • Amateurs and masters: under 20, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+
  • Long distance: a total of 7 women’s and 7 men’s categories

Participants who wish to register for the long distance race have to fulfill one of the conditions listed below:

  • Former members / certified athletes of national or international swimming-related sports clubs (mandatory for the 6500m race).
  • Competitors who have already crossed the Lake Tarnița in one of the earlier editions of the event (mandatory for the 6500m race) or have successfully completed a long distance open water swim at a past competition event (to be mentioned in the registration form).
  • Members / certified athletes of national or international swimming-related sports clubs.

By signing a declaration on their own responsibility and completing the registration form, the participants commit to obeying the rules and regulations presented in this section. Special cases must be dealt with directly with the Event Director.

8. Accessories

We recommend the wearing of neoprene wetsuits. If water temperature rises above 25.5 degrees Celsius all along the racetrack, neoprene wetsuits will be not allowed, for they may cause overheating. Furthermore, we recommend that swimmers wear two swimming caps. Swimmers are allowed to use flippers, paddles, boards or úszó. In these cases, we will time their achievements, though it will not appear on the official ranking table, but on a separate list.

In the participation kit, will be shared an open water swimming buoy. Wearing this is mandatory throughout the event and will be handed over to the organizers upon arrival.

9. Registration

Participants will subscribe to the competition on their own responsibility, organizers do not assume any responsibility regarding the participants’ health conditions. For this purpose all participants have to sign a declaration stating that they are taking part in the competition on their own responsibility. For minors the statement has to be signed by one of the parents or guardians. On request, we will send via email the statements filled in with the participants’ data provided in the registration form. Swimmers can register online, on the competition website: http://club-orca.ro, by the 25th of July 2020, 12:00 (UTC+2). The statements of personal responsibility, should be filled in with the participants’ data and given to the organizers at the check In Desk on the day of the race, by 9:30 at the latest. The statements can be discarded here:

Age of majority - 0-13 years 14-18 years

10. Registration fee

Race before 01.06.2020 01.06.2020 - 21.07.2020 22.07.2020- 26.07.2020
6500 m 100 ron     120 ron 150 ron
1500 m 60 ron 75 ron 100 ron

The registration fee cannot be refunded if the participant does not come to the start in time!  It is possible to change the Swimmer name but only a week before the event.

The registration becomes valid ony after the successful online payment by card. The registration will be automatically validated in our system.

11. Time limits

Time limit for the 6500m swim is set to 3 hours. Racers who do not finish the course by the given time limit will be helped/pulled out of the water by the organizers.

12. Monitoring

Races will be monitored by volunteers, who will escort the racers all along the course in kayaks, power-boats and mobile pontoons. In case the racers encounter any kind of discomfort, they should request assistance from the mobile units, in order to be rescued from the water. Help requests can be signaled by raising hands repeatedly and/or verbal request. In case of emergency racers are asked to swim to the nearest shore, to be taken over by a mobile unit.

13. Medical assistance

Emergency medical assistance will be provided by a medical unit.

14. Luggage

During the event we operate a left luggage service, providing the racers with plastic bags with their race numbers on them, where they can store their belongings. Bags will be handed over to and watched by volunteers. WE DO NOT ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY FOR VALUABLES. Luggage should be handed over 15 minutes before the start at the latest.

15. Race day schedule

8:00 First meeting at the Lake Tarnița barrier

9:00 Race number pick-up

9:45 Technical briefing, presentation of the 6500m race course

10:00 Start for the 6500m swim

16. The race

Start from the wharf on Sunday, the 26th of July 2020, 10:00 sharp. The organizers will present the racetrack to the swimmers one hour before the start. Swimmers are allowed to stop any time during the race, and then continue the course. They can ask for medical assistance, re-hydrating liquids and energizers from the volunteers who will escort them in boats during the whole competition.

17. Prizes and awards ceremony

All participants will receive electronically downloadable diplomas, finisher shirts, returnable floating buoy, helmet, electronic timing.

At 1500m, there is no T-shirt, prize medal and prize money, the fees will remain unchanged compared to previous years.

  • Individual prizes will be awarded to Overall Male and Female top 3 finishers
  • Prizes and awards will be announced later.

The awards ceremony will take place immediately after the last racer finishes the swim.

ATTENTION!!! The organizers reserve the right to postpone the event in case of bad weather.

In order to avoid potential hazards, we kindly ask the swimmers to respect the organizers’ advices.

Potential changes in the competition schedule will be published on the official website of the event (http://club-orca.ro), 24 hours before the start.

Good luck with the trainings!